Our mission is to make the value-oriented quality of living for people through community mobilization, and sustainable resource management through participatory governance. The core emphasis is given to participants as an entire , education for all, and social capital formation under a holistic system adopted by the organization.

Ultimately our main mission is facilitating life during a revolutionized way altogether its realms. this is often done by mobilizing the Indian community also as participatory governance on the idea of natural resources management that’s sustainable.

For Sarv Shoshit Samaj Sangh, thus environment protection and promotion, the participation of the community, providing education to the needy, providing financial assistance to disabled and underprivileged children whose families aren’t ready to get them treated thanks to their piteous economic condition are the foremost important activities. to deal with epidemics associated with AIDs and HIV all the specified support and programming needed during a full range is obtainable by Sarv Shoshit Samaj Sangh. We develop agencies within the private sector, governments, and non-government organizations.